“Healthy, global diversity, authenticity and the very best price-quality characterise our wine list.”
House wines

Glass: 12,5 cl – Carafe: 50cl – Bottle: 75cl 

Fresh white
With seafood, marinated fish, vegetables, fresh cheeses, fresh salads
Aromatic white
With spicy seafood/fish/poultry, pasta, exotic flavours, strong cheeses.
Full-bodied white
With baked, grilled fish, white meat, creamy sauces, white vegetables, hard cheeses.
Sweet white
With deserts, washed crusts, exotic preparations.
As aperitif, with raw seafood and rich fish dishes and white meat
Fruity red
With raw and baked pink meat, fruity vegetables, white mould cheese.
Elegant red
With delicate pink and white meat, fruity vegetables, lightly based pink meat, carpaccio.
Ideal all-rounder, as well as with Eastern spicy dishes.